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Loan; State vrs stools; who gains who looses?

2004-08-01 10:34:01

Ghanaians are too hungry to see the big picture with the new steps taken by the world body to divide and conquer. With the absence of "a transparent and rational process for such an allocation to a stool, there is bound to be conflict.

We are not seeing the consequences of this action on the wall separating the Stool and State. Rather like our past leaders we are caught in tired squabbles.

The issue here is not NDC versus NPP. It?s about foresight. The CIA used the UN forces to orchestrate a scheme to oust Patrice Lumumba. Nkrumah sent a Ghanaian army to help Lumumba and the battalion were used to disobey Nkrumah and they were actually used by UMOC to oust Lumumba.

Today Congo is virtually for the powers that be though Congo has the worlds most valuable mineral (coltan, the mineral that cell phone, laptops, pagers and other electronic devices cannot do without). Divide and conquer at its best.

Take a hard look at Sierra leone today. Sierra Leonians are in their puny squabbles but whether they foresaw that the British would turn the Port of Freetown into a secret British Naval Base or not is not my concern here. Britain is doing big business through the same port under the auspices of the navy for free.

Look at Cote? de Ivoire. As soon as the puppet houphet died, all hell broke lose. On the surface it looks as if Africans are too aroused to sleep with power but behind the scenes, the talking drums indicate that it is the French that has a lot to lose. Before the crisis, the northern candidate who was panned out to win according to the polls did not see well with the half baked tax schemes for the French. He was disqualified and all hell broke lose after that. Again divide and conquer at it best. Have you not noticed the cowardly efforts by the french in the peace keeping efforts in Ivory coast thus far?

We see the same unseen power creeping into our Ghanaian body politic via the World Bank but yet we are buried in insignificant squabbles. Our stools are the new route to divide and conquer.

The World Bank have channeled the amount through the government of Ghana to the Asanteman Council with no accountability written in the deal in order to avoid an appearance of mischief. But that would not defeat the idea of causing deliberate offense and dividing Ghanaians along tribal lines. Open your eyes and let?s keep this in mind.

What we ought to do is to add accountability in the deal and use the bait to develop the hinterland which will free up the congestion in Accra. I rather we call on the NPP government to see whats coming and help steer this dangerous cross fire between stools and the state.

Nana Barima and Amoatia should be given explicit regulations to follow to implement the deal before all hell breaks lose.

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