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Annexation of Nigeria By John Mahama.

Prof. Nana Kofi Osei Tutu II
2015-02-01 13:00:28

Recently, Professor Allotey at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology attacked Ghanaian policy makers for failing to consult Ghanaian expert bodies (Ghana Academy of Sciences, and others) in formulating policies of national interest. I think his criticism is so sincere. Ghanaian policy makers have given the green light to Benin, Chad, Niger and Cameroun to annex Nigeria. Sending West African forces to Nigeria is not a good idea at all and will lead to further unrest in the region. Why send forces to help a country of 150 million people that has so much internal problems? This is a total disaster. Nigeria will be chopped from the west, east, and north. Its southern border will be saved by the Gulf of Guinea.

John Mahama's policy in Ghana will lead to annexation of Nigeria. Bakassi Peninsula in trouble. Lake Chad is in trouble again. In addition, Northern Nigeria has water shortage and it will lead to an all out fight over control of the Niger River and Lake Chad. President John Mahama and Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh, please don't make Nigeria further unstable. It will be wiser to send only advisers, and not soldiers with tanks. Let's not put Nigeria into a fight over the control of its oil resources and water.

A Ghanaian History Remembered.

Ghanaian History Remembered is authored and compiled by Professor Nana Kofi Osei Tutu II for Professor Pete Publications, New York, NY.
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