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Oheneba O.T
2015-01-01 13:16:25

True, it could've been worse! I gave y'all 2 and a half years of dum.sor only, untreated water, Middle Ages-era sanitation in urban areas that caused a deadly cholera outbreak, as well as appointees whose rank corruption only I am yet to appreciate. I gave you govt spokesmen whose capacity for destructive mudslinging of any perceived critic of the govt can put Karl Rove to shame (don't take my word for it; ask Ivor Greenstreet or Ofori Attah).

I have appointed folks who can look you in the eye and tell you that the multi-million dollar nkomfem project I launched with fanfare in the north has practically evaporated into thin air (nay, flown to Burkina). I have redeployed appointees who embezzled millions of the Brazil Games fund and came to Ghana to weep. I have told others who embezzled millions to simply refund the money and go home and sin no more. Ain't that that an improvement over the Woyome saga? And guess what: I have given you water, water and water everywhere!

Folks, ain't y'all one lucky bunch of SOB's?


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