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Gh politics: The begging syndrome & national dev't

Nana Amma Momapo Obenewaa
2015-01-01 05:29:36

Is the NDC administration suffering from a new strain of ‘Kuffuor –syndrome;’ presidential tourism and begging? In modern-day politics, hasn’t the tradition of a sitting president travelling thousands of miles, especially on New Year’s Day at the nation’s expense, to witness the inauguration another president become outdated? Should presidential travels to seek foreign investment, which are pittance vis-à-vis the cost of the travels, become the job of sector ministers, diplomats, corporate executives, and technocrats?

Ghana can’t tout her independence, and/or lecture other (African) nations to do same, when, in fact, the philosophy that underpins her national development is one of begging, in short, genuflecting before other nations to solve her internal problems.

We have lost the plot. Haven’t we? We should learn from Paul Kagambe; turning genocide Rwanda, summer 1994, into the most wired country in Africa. He did it without begging. Begging is not policy and neither is the accumulation of (presidential) air-miles. The president and his NDC administration must rethink the primitive supposition that one can attract foreign investment via the physical presence of a huge presidential entourage. Personally, I don't think so. Hope all is well. Good day and cheers.
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Oheneba O.T
01-01 06:26