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2014-10-17 22:59:30

Make una talk some, Officer .........


A top Police official DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni has condemned frequent attempts by politicians and chiefs to manipulate the Police for their selfish interests and said, the Police will no longer entertain such practices.

The Police in Tamale had expressed their unhappiness about how the two main chieftaincy gates in the region, Abudus and Andanis, are hampering their efforts to maintain sanity on the roads, because they belong to either the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) or the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Addressing some tipper truck drivers in the region, the National Director of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MMTD), DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni described as “totally unacceptable” such practices and said the “Police will no longer condone it.”

He revealed that he was transferred from his former station in Tamale because he would not kowtow to the dictates of former Northern Regional Minister Moses Mabenga.

He recounted: “I remember I arrested tipper truck drivers here and the Police station was besieged and Moses [Mabenga] told me that I am bringing problem into the area and I said ‘sir I am a Police officer, I’m not a political figure, either I go or the laws are enforced and that is why I left.”

DCOP Awuni advised the drivers and said: “The politicians will come and play us against each other because of individual selfish gains, they will need our votes, and they wouldn’t even care when we are killing each other for their votes. Tell them our lives are more important.”

“If we think that we will not maintain our vehicles because we have politicians behind us, I think we are doing ourselves a very big disservice because their time will come and they will go,” he added.

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