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When Nincompops Rule Smart Asses

2014-10-17 19:33:07

Mr. Harding, a former manager of mine in our Vancity security firm is very controlling. In fact staff under him have to call him Mr. Harding or risk being fired. Moi was made to apologized to him when a slip of tongue caused handsome moi to call the guy by his first name. This man is worst than an African Big Man, moi once told my Massa paddy. He calmly advised moi to sit for the supervisory exam due to my whining and bitching if I don't want idiots to control me. Ghanaman et Cleo, just look around you, for most leaders are nincompoops who strive to become leaders to enable them hurt others.

When moi passed the exam with flying colours and even set an all-time record yet to be broken since 2002, the masses cheered. Beaten the booklong so badly caused my bosses to immediately made me a manager without even becoming a supervisor or applying for the position. They fired Mr. Harding, who now man's the NHL visitors penalty box at GM Place.

For almost seven years, staff keep on singing hallelujah songs in my honour for the freedom accorded them post-Harding era. Today, two staff members retiring hugged moi than thank me for bringing joy into their lives. It's amazing how whites appreciate moi more than Negroes.

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