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From Herman Van Rompuy to Rookie Obama

2014-10-17 17:49:45

This tenderfoot Obama has been shouting on rooftops and mountaintops how he is ISOLATING RUSSIA and that RUSSIA is ISOLATED.

How do you ISOLATE the mighty Russia? HOW?

Russia stretches from East to West..from Europe to Asia and beyond.....Russia is so huge, so rich, militarily so powerful is impossible to intimidate such an important country like RUSSIA....impossible . RUSSIA is germane to matters affecting the Eurasia zone....every kindergarten child knows this except Obama and his minnows.

Winter is coming and all of Europe is begging Russia not to turn off the gas . Europe would survive the coming WINTER because of Russian magnanimity.

Obama is a tragic figure, the "black face" of a staggering, dopey and misguided "American Empire" who is spreading such shallowness at an alarming rate. I feel so said for those who regard Obama as some role model....

Obama get the 21st Century, NO NATION can be are so deluded that, it is no longer funny...even the EBOLA that you manufactured and planted in villages in West Africa is creating panic all over the world. NOW tell us how you are going to stop the MIGHTY RUSSIAN tentacles from reaching the four corners of the world?

Putin was right in Milan with the EU begging him not to turn off the gas and you are there in your ignorant world, spewing trash. No wonder PM Medvedev is questioning your mental state.

Now, a few lessons from European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on RUSSIAN ISOLATION.


Yesterday, the European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said at the opening ceremony that Asia and Europe need each other both economically and politically, and security is also inter-linked, "or one could even consider it a single, united Eurasian continent."

"In the 21st century, no country can remain in isolation. We need to effectively connect our regions, in physical, digital, institutional and human terms, to make our partnership truly beneficial,"

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