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Just for the heck of it

Sumanguru Kante
2014-10-17 14:45:52

Yaw Konadu has been going on and on about Akyems not being served well by their allegiance to the NPP. His post of today reveals the perceived beneficiaries or perpetrators of the alleged inherent disadvantages of the loyalty of Akyems to the NPP. I would have liked YK to point to the advantages Asantes gain on the back of the alleged disadvantages . May Alla stay where he is! The question though is this: what is the magnitude of the votes Akyems bring to the NPP so as to make them capable of securing their interests through a conversion of those votes into a King-making role or function within the nation's body politic? What have Fantes, the people Akyems are being asked to emulate, gained from the role YK carves for them within the NDC? Arthur-Mills flagbearership and Presidency, miinisterial appoints or the streets of gold in Oguaa Land! While waiting for answers to these questions, I would like YK to get this : the UNC and Paa Willie were all products of Asante machinations! There is also no panAkyem political allegiance or interest. The Akyems in the NPP are mainly Abuakwas. God knows how much the political landscape in that part of Ghana is fractured along rivalries mapped on ancient quarrels. WITHOUT THE MASSIVE SUPPORT NANA ADDO ENJOYS AMONG ASANTES, his Presidential ambitions would not fly from here to there!The majority of people rooting for him against Alan are Asantes . FACT. Without the NPP, Akyemland would struggle to present one Presidential candidate in any national elections. It has always been the case. It is not ignorance that makes the old lady stay out of young people's conversation on sex!

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Zebby Nayah
10-17 14:47
Sumanguru Kante
10-17 15:44