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the effigy of a lil kok !!!

2014-10-17 13:36:23

for those who missed it.

good evening.



Author: Old Dirty Bastard (registered user) Date: 10-16-2014 08:31

There are very few Ghanaians, who aboveStand why you should give the most nutritious parts of your meal to your young and growing, at the expense of the old and already formed. We do not aboveStand this because the formation of our society can be summed up as follows:

"One where there is no morality. Where there is ritual. Where there is custom. Where there is hierarchy. Where there is required respect. But where there is no morality"

And the more traditional our society, the worse these structures are. I will tell you a story:

When I was in Prempeh, I went to the dining hall for my meals a total of less than 10 times. For the two academic years that I was in that school, I was in the dinning hall for my meals at most, 9 times. Why?

You all remember the system in secondary schools where about twenty are sat to a table. Out of this twenty will be boys from 1 to 7. Because of the size of the sixth form, most tables had only one sixth-former. The juniors served the seniors said grace. Where a junior wasn't too confident, he would undercompensate the juniors at the expense of the pigs! But this was usually in terms of a few spoonfuls of rice or an extra baton (if you don't know what a baton is, ask a Cape School Aluminus). In Adisco, we had a fante boy calle "o-flow". Oflow because he was the only person who could not recognise that his spoon had overflown when he has helping himself to milk for tea. But that was the most level of abuse from the hills.

When I got to Prempeh, I saw abuse fiili-fiili! We had a system where at meal times, the stew would be sieved of all the protein before being served. Usually, a village-looking fifth-former will remove all the fish or meat and put it in a separate bowl. Then when the carbohydrates and sauce had been served out, the bowl will be presented to the sixth-former to choose his pick of fine protein. He will, if he were a native from the region, take a quarter of the protein and pass the bowl on to the next in line, who will do same. By the time it got to the third-formers, there was hardly any protein in the bowl. If you went to Prempeh from 1 to 5, it was likely that you never ate meat or fish for the first two years of your academic life.

Now, do you think a person who has undergone such harsh protein abuse, will pass up the opportunity to mete out the same degree of cruelty to the young ones who come after him? Hell no, like somebody who has signed up to a Pyramid scheme, he will be waiting for the day when he gets to sit at the top of the table so that he can eat half the beef from the stew for twenty.

So why did I stop taking my meals at Soldier Line? I just couldn't stomach it! I couldn't stomach the injustice. I couldn't stomach the way this cruel system was being appreciatively practiced by boys who were mastering Oliver Twist for O level Literature. The first time I was presented with the protein bowl, I was angry. I was like, "do I have to do the dishing out? Why can't the same boy who served the rice do it?" And when I realised what they were asking me to do, I just went ahead and served the meat equally to all twenty. Remember that the matrons will put 20 pieces of meat per table. They will also put twenty pieces of fish. When we ate jollof, they gave 20 hard boiled eggs. So the design of the system was not the problem, it is the warped notion of privilege that some of these local boys had brought from home (seeing their wofas eat a cow whilst the rest of them scurried around for any semblance of food from whatever he threw to the dog, that turned them that way). And because I was from Cape Coast and had not been part of this brutal pyramid scheme, I wasn't tormented enough not to see that it was wrong!

And this, brothers and sisters, is why irrespective of how we design our Socio-Political Systems, the desire to abuse that system and the ease with which such abuse will be tolerated by all, will never subside. Culture Vulture, the resident mad genius terms it. But he is right. So Fucking right!

So why didn't I continue subverting the unjust system the way I did the first time? Well, there was a HUGE boy called ZOO CORE, who made me know in no uncertain terms that if I did not stop being "too known", he would make sure the headmaster knew about my my late night errands to town. If I had more courage, I would have forsaken the juju for justice. But show me a teenager with hormones running around his loins like jet fuel who can forgo a Bantama ashawo!!!

We are groomed, from a very early age, to be uncaring and obtusely selfish.But we manage to compensate for this lack of humanity, by deferring responsibility to GOD! Hence our 24/7 church-going activities!!!

What is the latest on Ebola?

~Tung Peng~ (SAW)

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