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Nana Kwaku Romeo
2014-10-17 12:43:46

Nana Addo's campaign has released GHS 600,000 to facilitate tomorrow's NPP primaries. The money was not released to the party's headquarters but was released directly to the so called "orphan" constituencies. The need for the Nana's campaign to respond to this distress call from the grassroots is an indictment on the party's national executive leadership. Were the actions of headquarters due to gross incompetence or a deliberate sabotage of a candidate? Let me explain.

In the last primaries in 2010, the party provided logistics for the elections through the usual fund raising from varied sources. When the party was still short of the required amount to carry out the project out successfully, the party approached the 5 candidates for financial assistance and two of them; Nana Akuffo Addo and Alan Kyeremanten responded and provided various sums of money. This time around the new executive at party headquarters decided to do it differently. The party headquarters decided to let the constituencies to take care of themselves with Kwabena Agyapong insisting that voting is voluntary and the party does not need to pay anybody to vote! This is very contrary to how elections are organised in Ghana, and Kwabena Adjepong knows this, Afoko can be forgiven for being naive, but Kwabena cannot, having been a long time political operative in Ghana.

Constituencies with sitting MP's had no problem as the responsibility to provide logistics for the elections, but who was to help the 137 constituencies without sitting NPP MP's. Two days to the crucial election reports started filtering in that many of the delegates may not go out to vote because of lack of logistics. Kwabena Agyapong is meanwhile sitting on his arse in Accra and preaching about voluntarism, since when has the Ghanaman ever done anything voluntarily, with purle altruistic motive?

After receiving the distress calls the Nana campaign quickly organized and made available to these constituencies the required resources to organize the elections. I have never had any doubt in my mind that Nana will comfortably win this without even campaigning, and does not need to "buy" any delegate to make this happen. He's winning hands down, we are only concerned about the margin. Personaly I want the win to be decisive and comprehensive so that all those doubters will shut up and get it into their elitist heads that the party indeed belongs to the grassroots.
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