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Zebby Nayah
2014-10-17 12:13:38

Nancy Turner Banks is a Harvard Medical School trained doctor who also has an MBA in Finance. Here is an excerpt from her book AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS, AND EMPIRE: THE DEADLY VIRUS OF INTERNATIONAL GREED......:

"Because of the inevitable rise in environmental oxidative and nitrosative stressors, most people are in need of increased intake of certain nutrients called anti-oxidants to combat this problem (problem defined in opening chapter of book). This has become more of a challenge, however, because of alterations in life style, dietary habits, farming policy, and animal husbandry. Farming has been seriously altered by the application of industrial methods to large agri-business that process and change our food till it has lost its sacred nature. Food is now genetically modified, fertilized with artificial chemicals, irradiated, and shipped unripe thousands of miles from where it was grown. It is then gassed and colored to make it look real, and then sprayed again with more chemicals in order to preserve its shelf life. In all of this processing, much nutritional value is lost.

Domesticated animals are injected with hormones to increase their growth rate and fed antibiotics to keep them from infection while they are penned into crowded stalls on factory farms and forced to live in their own excrement. They are stuffed with feed that is unnatural to their digestive systems, which leads to unnecessary illnesses. They are brutalized by their living conditions and slaughtered using the most mindless and unsanitary methods.

The same financiers who took control of the nation through the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and cartelized the medical industry have done the same to agriculture. By taking control of the food supply, they can sell genetically modified seeds and the chemical fertilizer to make the seeds grow. Their "technology agreements" .....and the all of this adulterated food is an explosion of obesity, depression, hypertension, Alzheimer's , arthritis, and cancer. The number of chronic diseases is skyrocketing even among children." ( pages 3--4).

My comment: This is a MUST read book. A lot of controversy surround Nancy Banks. She has been accused of anything you can imagine. But none of the attacks on her study really engage the substance of her conclusions. Her work is a refreshing and thoughtful alternative to so-called conventional wisdom on AIDS, and the politics of the Pharmaceutical industry.

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