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How NPP lost an easy 2016 Elections

Abu X
2014-10-17 09:35:01


NPP is a hopelessly divided party. A huge disappointment. This NDC party under Mahama is ripe for the taking. They are punch drunk and tottering on their feet due to their incompetence, corrupt nature, criminality, and every negative thing.

They are ready to be knocked out. But low and behold, their most credible opponent, NPP has decided to go to battle with a lame horse!

Hahahahaaaaaa!!! What idiocy! Is this the NPP which was supposed to be a party of intelligent men? Tweeeeaaaaaa! No surprise Africa is in deep dipshiitt!!!

The first hamstring was when a very polarizing figure in the person of Akuffo Addo decided to contest the flag bearership position again, when by all indications, he has too much baggage as viewed by the general population to win a national election easily. Addo appeals to a wide swathe of NPPists however it's not only NPP folks who vote in a general election and Addo struggles among the few non-aligned voters in the general population.

The second hamstring was when Alan K, after being resoundingly walloped by Addo in the preliminary primaries, wouldn't throw in the towel and support Addo but rather has attacked Addo with blazing bazookas and deepening the rift in the party and damaging Nana on the national platform. Nana will win the primaries, however he comes out limping, damaged goods.

So what should have been an easy battle between Addo and the totally incompetent man in the castle will now become a titanic battle with very little margin for error. Ultimately I expect Mahama to win because he has the unlimited resources of the state in hand coupled with the hamstrings Nana has suffered from within his own party.

Useless nikanika African variety of intellectuals!



USA till I die!!!


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