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So Addo now paying for primaries?!

Papa-2 here n there
2014-10-17 09:25:31


Oh NPP! So now you have a candidate (Addo) paying for the upcoming delegates conference and elections- including paying for transportation of the very delegates who are supposed to be voting to elect a flag bearer! [ here is GHC600,000. Take it and go elect me. Where are all those coming to vote? Please see my local representatives for transport and accommodation money. Come one come all and "vote your conscience"]

......And the NPP is just so proud to advertise this gross influence peddling?. This jarring conflict of interest?. Such open assault on the intergrity of the election and emasculation of Addo's opponents?!

No wonder pink sheet Addo and his Akyem mafia held the nation hostage for 8 solid months in court, leading to most serious ruin to our economy - which effect we are still experiencing! It is because this gang will stop at nothing to twist an election its way. This $5k brown-envelope bribing clique has no sense of propriety and decorum whatsoever!!

Such disgusting arrogance!!!


[This is an authentic posting from Papa-2 (Registered User)]
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Papa-2 here and there
10-17 11:38
Papa-2 here and there
10-17 13:48