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Selassie Ameko
2014-10-17 09:01:22

..The corruption-riddled National Service Scheme should be “shutdown” and properly probed, president of policy Think Tank, IMANI Ghana has suggested. IMANI’s Franklin Cudjoe, told STARR NEWS the entire Scheme must be closed down for thorough and independent investigations.

“I think that at this stage, probably it should be shut down, and a forensic audit be done properly," he told STARR FM’s Wilberforce Asare Wednesday.

“You need a private sector hand, somebody who understands finance, probably somebody who has a much more astute understanding of how – not just the world of finance – but the world of how this corrupt thing works. But you need somebody who is totally not connected to any political party. You put them together, and you solve that mess,” Cudjoe proposed.

Maybe they need people like me.

You set up an operations center, and gather the necessary staff.

Send them to all ten regional NSS Directorates

Compile a list of all national service personnel in each region.

The list will indicate the tertiary institution attended by each personnel and the year of completion

Contact the heads of all these tertiary institutions to verify that each claim of attendance is accurate

Within a month OR LESS, you would have sorted out the chaff from the grain.

Next, go to Accountant Generals department and request the list of all service personnel in their system.

Compare list at AGD to list compiled from all ten NSS Directorates.

Do they tally. If not why?

Request from AGD audit unit what audit they have carried out to ensure NSS list presented to them is accurate and genuine. How have they ensured salary payments go to only the genuine person and not a ghost name.

This level of massive fraud on a national scale involving government salary payments could not have occurred without the collusion of personnel in the Accountant Generals Department.

Meanwhile, have the assets of all those indicted in this colossal fraud been frozen? If not, why not? Is the NDC government waiting for the fraudsters to clean out the loot?

Their houses, cars, farms, tractors, bank accounts, the lot, must all be seized.

Mahama, walk the talk.
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