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Yaw Konadu
2014-10-17 07:50:45

Dear Nana Addo,

I write this to you with all seriousness. Your uncle Paa Wilie must be turning in his grave. This is not who he was and not what he envisioned for his relatives. Emulate Paa Willie's modesty and his disdain for political ostentation.

Yes, everyone here knows that I do not support your candidacy. Not because I hate you but because I think you are not likely to be elected at the national level as President. History is replete with examples of individuals who could have turned the fortunes of their countries around but never got elected to do the good they were capable of doing. You have been a two time presidential candidate and you lost. You lost because of a bad campaign that your TEAM ran and also because of very powerful forces within this COBBLED TOGETHER ENTITY called NPP. These same powerful forces will make sure that you do not win in 2016.

The present day composition of the NDC is what your Uncle Paa Willie envisaged and envisioned hence his popular slogan "BROAD BASED". You and the Akyem leaders in the NPP must COME OUT of the NPP for you are the TROUBLE MAKERS in the party and that the party has an AKYEM PROBLEM whatever that is. Never mind that the person who resurrected this cobbled together entity was an Akyem by name Adu Boahene.

I would advise the Akyems to emulate the enlightened positions of the Fantes and the Bonos and come of the NPP. Akyems do not have the numbers but they can BE INFLUENTIAL KINGMAKERS IN BOTH PARTIES. Akyems have NEVER had problems with Ewes and we live together peacefully with them. Munufie took the Bonos out of the NPP and now there is no IDIOT who will write that the NPP has a BONO problem.

If you have this money to WASTE (assuming that the story is true) then please follow the footsteps of your great ancestor Nana Sir Ofori Atta I who helped found Achimota School - a school that has played a major role in Ghana's development. DO SOMETHING SIMILAR and don't waste money on NPP. Posterity never forgive you if you waste your money on this moribund entity called NPP. Akyems have paid a terrible price (in terms of development) for being part of this NPP and it is time they started thinking. There is no need for any Akyem political party. Being a kingmaker is the best. Let the two parties compete for the Akyem vote!!!


YK (forever an independent thinker)

[This is an authentic posting from Yaw Konadu (Registered User)]
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