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Somebody gains at another's misfortune

Deacon Timpa Twum
2014-10-17 07:28:42

Mice in Segakope and environs are fatter and live longer than normal not to mention that there are more of them per square mile than at any place on earth. You can't step on a cobblestone in Sogakope without seeing a Mouse smile at you...they live in comfort there

I then asked myself why. And after endless nights and weekends brooding over this strange phenomenon, I had the answer pop in my brain one day: there are virtually no cats in Sogakope to hunt down the mice thus breaking the food chain structure and has resulted in the longevity and fattening of the mice. I know DAWUTA will agree that my prognosis is clear on the facts.

I see the same thing being played out with this Ebola scare. Undoubtedly, the beneficiaries of Ebola are the bush-meats in the forest (Grasscutters, Antelopes, "nKusies", bats etc). The frenzy whipped by the 24/7 FM station to dissuade people from eating the delicious Bush-meat cannot be discounted.

I hear that the population of Grass-cutters has had an uptick in growth not to say that some of them now stand as tall as goats because the hunters have stopped trapping or killing them; no one will eat them because of the Ebola. It is therefore fair to say that Ebola has saved the Bush-Meat. Yes, somebody always gains at the expense of others ...a fact of life you have to understand and overstand

As an aside, I do see collateral damages in this Ebola stuff (which may turn out to be a pandemic if not contained). This is my fear:

The growing Bushmeat population poses environment challenges.

The more Bushmeat we have in the forests, the more grass and tree leaves that will be consumed further depleting the foliage and creating havoc to the natural water system and what not. Also, the chop bar keeper whose main item and attraction might be the Bushmeat (dry/burned or wet) may soon run out of business further depressing the unemployment rate in the country. They say that Ebola, acroynm for "Everyone Born On Land Africa" ( I coined this one out ) was created by man, If this is true then I wonder if the creators thought things through carefully before they unleashed the genie from the bottle. Was it their intention to kill man and save the Grass cutter and his cousins? I don know sef !

Nana Akataku Timpa Mrikisi

[This is an authentic posting from Deacon Timpa Twum (Registered User)]
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