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2014-10-17 07:28:15

Do doubt we have something on the ground but how and where do we expect the index case to appear? Perhaps in Elubo or Aflao or perhaps Paga. How well trained at the health workers and security officials in these areas to respond appropriately without letting lose the virus into the community?

How well informed are the unit communities and the town development committees on signs and symptoms and what to with a suspected case?

What stops the MoH from publishing the Preparedness Plan on its website and provide information of status of health worker training, availability of logistics such as the PPD, thermo guns , isolation and holding rooms Any drills at the airport and other entry points? How safe are our public toilets and wash rooms in our offices? How have we ensured that the holding rooms and quarantine rooms do not become places where people with common cold will not pick up Ebola when detained there? Do we have the protocols in place to prevent iatrogenic transmission? Any protocols for disposal of bodies? Are cremating or burying? Do we have the laws in place to ensure in this emergency, relatives do not insist on taking their dead bodies home? Can we publish available protocols adapted for Ghana at the MoH website or the GHS website? Any information desk or number (Toll Free)?
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