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Katsumi Yukimura
2014-10-01 14:46:17

American doctors with their political correctness will never ask an African, even one who speaks English with an accent like he is choking on a cow, wether he has travelled to an Ebola infested area. That information should be voluntarily provided by the African as a matter public health safety. But here we are of course, we are talking about the African…..a totally different breed.

The first girl I dated when I came to grad school in this country was a white girl from New Hampshire. As soon as we got serious she told me she had herpes but that it was not contagious unless she gets an outbreak. Of course I stopped seeing her immediately….and we were in the same class…awkward!!!! But that is how honest Americans are.

Americans expect everyone to be just as honest….but they have no idea how devious the African can be. Here is a man who just returned from an Ebola infested area but refused to disclose that important fact to the health authorities and put everyone at risk. The devil is indeed an African.
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