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RE: Are We Better Than Our Leaders?

2014-10-01 14:00:51

Going outside of Ghana and the African Continent now. History tells me plp in other countries and continents had elected leaders that turns out to be what they are not so therefore, I respectfully disagree with your argument in its entirety.

You can call that out smartness or what have you but "POLITRICKCIAN" are liars. Good case in point, didn't Obama promised to do a lot of things he is yet to get fixed??? So, for him saying he will fix those things for we the plp to elect him into office only to realized he couldn't fix them, you think he out smart we the plp still doesn't make your argument a valid one in my eye. I AM JUST SAYING.

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RE: Are We Better Than Our Leaders?
10-01 14:00
Deacon Timpa Twum
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