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RE: Are We Better Than Our Leaders?

Akwasi Amoo Atta
2014-10-01 13:51:28

Stop playing the fool, idiot . You are not funny. You are just making an ass of yourself.


Subject: ON THE ECONOMIC FORUM Author: Kofi Ameko (registered user) Date: 05-12-2014 13:43


Long Live our Don, Don ODB

Long Live Mr Beans

Long Live the Acting Kommanda, Kommanda DAWU

What is Norvi Azar's beef with the Economic Forum? He has some points, partisan as they look, but It is a FACT.

Like Ato Ahwoi, mentioned, this is not the first time Ghana is organizing an Economic forum. Some contributed indirectly twice to what some presented. To say that the essential elements of those ideas were implemented is crass nonsense. Ghana did not benefit from those ideas.Why we are still in this deplorable state. Dare not tell some of us about Ghana's need to feed herself. Did we disagree? No! What is our manufacturing base? You think these Social "Scientists" have a clue? Can we be raw?

To say that we don't know what ails our Economy is crass nonsense. We know. It must not be about what ! It must be about solutions. Courageous and practical solutions. Brother Asase's booklong ideas are not solutions. Read about the Manhattan Project. We need Scientific Ideas.

How many Scientists and Engineers will be present at this Economic Forum?> How many? Have been invited despite the incongruity of the session time and spatial frame. Have they invited Energy. Boakye Djan, Efo Ansah, Otu,. Wole ? What about Soldier? Dan Botwe must ignore NPP and take his ass there.

Just look at Kwaku Romeo's ingredients when he was trying to prepare a chicken curry. According to him, the only Ghanaian ingredient was water. He was not even sure of that.

Look at all who will be present at the Forum. Look at what they gonna wear. Ask them what they ate before coming. Look at what they will be driving.

The Cedi must find its own level.Let it free fall until we wise up. The re-denomination was purely a numerical exercise.

Love ya all.

Let us go beyond partisan politics. You bring it on, we will respond.

One nation, One people and one destiny.

Long Live New NDC,

Subject: RE: ON THE ECONOMIC FORUM Author: Akwasi Amoo Atta ( Date: 05-12-2014 13:57

"Read about the Manhattan Project. We need Scientific Ideas."

You are an ass . What has the Manhattan Project got to do with what you are trying to say ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! You are back with your usual nonsense. Five or six weeks in hiding hasn't changed you one bit !
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