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Are We Better Than Our Leaders?

Abu the Ghanaian
2014-10-01 13:34:23

Are we saying our leaders are not "the brightest and the best"?

If not, why do we elect low quality aka inferior people into leadership?

Don't tell me because "they stole" the election. It's only an unthinking people who will allow someone to "steal" elections. Or it means the person outsmarted you. If he/they outsmarted you, meaning they are better than you. That will also mean they are the best the country.

In conclusion, whichever way you slice or dice it, your leaders are the best you have. And if this moribund leadership is the best you have, you must truly be an inferior people.



USA till I die!!!


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Deacon Timpa Twum
10-01 13:54
Sir EfiaGA TogbeGA Mesetowo
10-01 20:56