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This Is Serious

Nana Kwaku Romeo
2014-10-01 11:13:32

I read in the newspapers this morning and heard on radio this afternoon about the near fist fight at the GoG meeting with the IMF, where the CEO of the BDC's made some revelations that did not go down well with Mr Seth Terkper. I heard Mr Hosi speak on radio and he would neither confirm nor deny the veracity of the story. I personally have no doubt in my mind that something did happen at that meeting.

I am more worried about some revelation he made on radio, according to him there are 24 BDC's in the country as at now. He said at the time the NPP was leaving power they had registered only THREE BDC's, but from 2009 onwards the NDC had registered TWENTY THREE more BDC's. Readers will note that it was from 2009 that the government systemically set out to stymie the work of TOR to make it in-operational, thus enabling them to give licenses to their cronies to import refined petroleum products, instead of allowing TOR to refine the crude which they had been doing since the 60's..

The whole business of accounting for forex losses is as opaque as a bottle of Guinness. How are these losses treated and how does the government get to owe these BDC's when the NPA tells us that per their fomula for fixing petroleum prices the exchange rate is factored in and consumers pay for the whole cost? Where do these losses arise from then? The opposition parties should look deep into this as I suspect that the BDC's with the connivance of some people in government are duping the state.

Is this the new CLS?
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