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Wofa abaa-bii abuzotyel

2014-10-01 11:12:55

I do know, and have communicated with, Wofa abaa-bii abuzotyel off-SIL and contributed to one of his apparently many philanthropic causes. I also know that he holds a highly responsible position in Ghana which he would not risk for some SILly pittance.

Having said the above, I am also a little bit leery of this intermittent ad hoc kind of individualized approach to the (partial) resolution of problems that crop up as a result of a basic deficiency in the basic Ghanaman national infrastructure. How many holes-in-the-heart children (or unsightly breast "tumors") should we resolve via SIL/ Diaspora Ghanaman charity? And once you repair that hole-in-the-heart, or fix the breasts, then what? How do we sustain his/her subsequent existence after-the fact? Many of these problems require more than a one-time type of solution, and that is a fact.

Since the country is so depended on politicians for its viability and sustenance, the only real permanent and sustainable solution is the election of competent and less corrupt people who can restore the country to a state where citizens, entrepreneurs, etc, can be properly and adequately empowered to collectively advance the country.

Da yie!

[This is an authentic posting from Ogyatanaa (Registered User)]
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