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RE: Idey be k3k3 - slogan by morons for morons

Kofi Ameko
2014-10-01 11:00:24


My explanation was right. I did not have the time. You could have asked me to break it down for you later.

You have problems with my use of "composite"?

A building is a composite structure. Numerous layered materials go into the construction of a building : blocks, wood, gypsum, glass, sound proof material, fabrics, paint, plastics, metals and what have you.The layout of the materials have no lamination preference and in aircraft's for war like ..... Find this out as part of your STEM education.

On the building failures there were two frequencies involved: that of the composite structure, shoddy work or use of inferior materials, it is part of that frequency and the external frequency from sound waves.A characteristic of vibrations is associated frequency.

Creep and negligible fatigue in this case influence the variable frequency of composite structures.

Air is Fluid. Read something on Fluid Structure interaction.

I hate to be booklong. You know that.

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RE: Idey be k3k3 - slogan by morons for morons
Kofi Ameko
10-01 11:00