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Idey be k3k3 - slogan by morons for morons

2014-10-01 10:16:36



There is a general lack of thought in most of the things we do in Ghana, especially in what we say and how we say it.  Our use of language is terrible, and by language, I do not mean just foreign languages such as, for example, the English language. Use of our own Twi, Ga, Dagbani and so on is so bad that, we often fail to convey what we intend to say.  Poor use of language is particularly common in political communication.  Before I go into any detail, first, I would like to refer forumers to Kofi Ameko’s response under Alhambra’s thread where he sought to explain why some church buildings would collapse as a result of noise.  Ameko’s explanation was typical of why STEM education in Ghana is rubbish where students regurgitate from books and are unable to offer clear explanations and practical applications of scientific and mathematical concepts.  I have asked Ghanaian students studying physics prior to university why a sharp knife cuts easier than a blunt one, and these students were lost.  Kofi Ameko would fall into such a category.  Kofi Ameko was meant to be explaining something to lay persons but you would think he was addressing a physics seminar.  The problem was that Ameko was limited in his use of language.  Now, under the same thread, refer to my explanation as to why vibration caused by noise would lead to cracks in buildings. 


Back to my point earlier about use of language.  I am certain that many of you have been following events in British politics these past few months.  The Scottish independence campaign dominated the headlines for its sheer energy and the topic at stake.  About sixty years ago, Ghana was having its own independence campaign and the energy was the same.  There were other similarities too such as, for example, the use of slogans.  The one slogan that many Ghanaians remember was the phrase “self-government now.”  The message that the slogan sent was clear, it had meaning and it also meant something to everybody.   Even the sound bites and the play on words in those heady days, had class.  After the 1948 riots, the letter that the UGCC sent to the UK government carried the sound-bite “Crazy Creasy”, mocking the then governor, Sir Gerald Creasy.


You would think that the land that coined these phrases would have made progress in the decades that followed.  Sadly, all the cleverness and ingenuity in the use of language have simply evaporated, especially in the past two decades.  Take for instance, the NDC campaign slogan of 2008.  What is “idey be k3k3”?  This is a stupid slogan that makes no sense but rather mocks the people.  No one in their right mind would be able to offer a reasoned justification for this nonsense of a slogan.  Political parties trying to convince the people that they offer a better alternative should be able to coin a phrase that captures the mood of the country and offers hope for the future.  It should also give a one line summary of what parties intend to do when or if they get into power.


At about the same time that the NDC were leading their followers to shout “idey be k3k3”, Barrack Obama’s unofficial campaign slogan was “yes, we can.”  This slogan offered so much hope, in its audacity, that today, it has become a standard for many people’s protest from the Arab Spring to the streets of Scotland when the Yes Scotland slogan in the final days of the campaign adopted Obama’s freshness of slogans.  Not to be outdone, the No camp in the Scotland debate appealed to unity, a preservation of the Union, by assuring the people of Scotland that they were Better Together.


Right after Scottish streets have ceased echoing those slogans, the party conference season in Britain kicked off with the Labour Party, a party on which the NDC likes to style itself, offering the British people, “Labour’s plan for the future.”  The future is certainly worth fighting for and so the Conservative Party on which the NPP likes to style itself is also “Securing a better future”. 


Ask Obama’s campaign managers, the campaign managers in Scotland, and in both the Labour and Conservative parties and each of them would be able to tell you what their campaign slogans stand for. But “idey be k3k3”?  I think this is a slogan coined by morons for morons.




Good afternoon!

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