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Ebola In Dallas.

2014-10-01 02:29:59

Wow, this does not sound good.

Can you imagine being "a close family member"? The world is very small indeed.

Good luck to everybody involved in this potential debacle.

Da yie!

Now this:


"A press release announcing the activation of the City of Dallas' Emergency Operations Center described the patient as having “moved to Dallas from Liberia a week ago.”

Frieden said the man arrived from Liberia on Sept. 20 but didn't start feeling ill until Sept. 24. He sought medical treatment at Texas Health Dallas on Friday, Sept. 26, before being sent home. He was then transported by ambulance back to the hospital on Sunday, Sept. 28.

“The initial symptoms of Ebola are often nonspecific ... they are symptoms that may be associated with many other conditions,” Frieden said. “That's why we have encouraged all emergency department physicians to take a history of travel within the last 21 days.”

The ambulance used to transport the patient on Sunday has been quarantined, Dallas officials said. Paramedics involved are being monitored.

The CDC has a team en route to North Texas to help health officials retrace the man's whereabouts since he has been in the states. Officials characterized the patient as having close contact with about a "handful" of family members while in Dallas."

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