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RE: Did JJR slap JAK?

Patriot Turncoat
2004-04-01 15:01:13

True dat.

If one person can be given credit for the relative peace and stability Ghana has enjoyed for the past 20 years, it must certainly be JJR.

1. Peaceful handover to Kufour when his party lost in 2004.

2. In the face of provocation, he continues to urge calm.

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Patriot Turncoat
04-01 15:08
RE: Did JJR slap JAK?
Patriot Turncoat
04-01 15:01
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:57
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:59
Kwaku Azar
04-01 16:00
Abrewa Posoposo
04-02 06:20
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