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RE: Did JJR slap JAK?

Nee Boye
2004-04-01 14:54:47

I see it differently. JAK should probably be commended for not falling into the temptation of raising the temperature of the nation on some of these petty but inflammatory issues. It takes courage and maturity from a leader to defy many a partisan "praise him/crucify him" crowd.

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Patriot Turncoat
04-01 15:08
RE: Did JJR slap JAK?
Nee Boye
04-01 14:54
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:57
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:59
Kwaku Azar
04-01 16:00
Abrewa Posoposo
04-02 06:20
04-01 15:35