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RE: Did JJR slap JAK?

Patriot Turncoat
2004-04-01 14:46:30


Dem people dey work me like some mad horse. Just when I finshed my project and thought I was about to have some rest, they moved me to another department to clean up someone else's mess.

Leaves me very little time for my first job. (SIL.)

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RE: Did JJR slap JAK?
Patriot Turncoat
04-01 14:46
Patriot Turncoat
04-01 15:08
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:57
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:59
Kwaku Azar
04-01 16:00
Abrewa Posoposo
04-02 06:20
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