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Did JJR slap JAK?

Kwaku Azar
2004-04-01 14:35:39

JJR has defied the NRC, the CID, the National Security team. He has broken all the laws in the book. But it seems the law is afraid of him. When Nana Akuffo Addo got ready to prosecute him, he was politely sent to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Even the extremely naive should come to the proper conclusion that JAK is shielding this menance or, in the alternative, that JAK is afraid of him.

Afraid of him for what though? Hmmmm, did JJR ever slap JAK?

Da Yie!

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Patriot Turncoat
04-01 15:08
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:57
Kwaku Azar
04-01 15:59
Kwaku Azar
04-01 16:00
Abrewa Posoposo
04-02 06:20
04-01 15:35