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Nina Simone Cultural Village

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Groundbreaking Meeting Scheduled in NYC to Discuss

Vital Resource Partnerships for "The Nina Simone Cultural Village"

(AFRICAN AMERICAN NEWSWIRE)New York, NY-- On Wednesday, March 31st, 2004, Her Royal Highness Nana Ama Ayensuah Saara III, Queen Mother of the Denkyiras in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa, graced the shores of America. Accompanied by a dazzling and high-powered delegation of five Chiefs, the Regional Minister for the Central Region of Ghana, along with representatives of Women's Community Impact Ghana (WCIG), Ama Saara III will meet with key stakeholders and officials in New York City to discuss plans surrounding a major land development project for Jukwa, near Cape Coast Ghana.

The project, officially called "The Nina Simone Cultural Village," (NSCV) is named after the late Dr. Nina Simone and comes on the heels of a recent declaration by President George Bush to dedicate billions of dollars toward increased trade development and investment in Africa. The meeting will also serve as a vital precursor to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for NSCV scheduled for April 21st, 2004 in Ghana.

Dubbed "The High Priestess of Soul," Nina Simone is remembered as one of the finest songwriters and musicians of her day. Her voice became the heart of the people of her generation, particularly in the 60's during the civil rights movement where she took an unapologetic stance against American racism. Nina Simone died April 21, 2003 in Carry-le-Rouet, France.

In October of 2003, The Nina Simone Foundation (NSF) was established as a non-profit organization erected for the preservation and celebration of the music, socio-political contributions and overall legacy of the late Dr. Nina Simone. NSF is also a philanthropic initiative established to raise money in support of Nina Simone's most personal and life-long pursuit, which is the education of African children and children of African descent.

On April 21st, 2004-the one-year anniversary of Nina Simone's passing- President John Agyekum Kufuor will officiate the sod-cutting and dedication ceremony of the Nina Simone Cultural Village. This 50 acres of virgin land in the lush tropical rainforest in Jukwa, Ghana , is the result of a partnership and collaboration between Dentwimoh Ltd (cultural village), Women's Community Impact Ghana and The Nina Simone Foundation.

This singular honor is bestowed upon Nina Simone in appreciation of the outstanding artistic contributions, and human interest Nina Simone has demonstrated towards the region over the decades!

"The dedication of this land on behalf of the Foundation is a major stepping-stone in achieving a dream that my mother fought so hard for throughout her life," states Lisa Simone Kelly, Nina Simone's daughter and sole heir. "She wanted to see for all people equal access to education and those vital resources that allow them to successfully live out their dreams."

The Nina Simone Village land will be used for the institutional development of the region for its residents and neighboring communities. It will also serve as an international welcome and information center for people worldwide who would like to visit and learn more about African culture and ancient civilization, do business with and/or invest in Africa.

Over the next decade, the Foundation will seek to align with resource partners and other capacity building outlets to help strengthen and enable the environment of Cape Coast, Ghana and encourage visitation and tourism. The plans for the cultural village include the building of educational and health institutions, a theater and symphony hall, an African Studies multi-media library and museum, a state-of-the-art Information and Technology Institute, hotels, resorts, spas and an international conference center.

"We are truly encouraged and excited about the opportunities that will derive from these meeting,"says Simone. "Our goal is to attract donations to the Foundation and also participation from government and private-sector companies interested in cultivating Africa's most important resource? its people," says Simone.

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