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C.K Banfo
2004-04-01 13:37:26


An ADM Report | Posted: Thursday, April 01, 2004

The sovereignty of a state, although physically indeterminable, is represented by a number of institutions, controlled and funded by an authority, the head of which is the president or the head of state. These institutions are given the authority of the state to undertake their statutory functions. The reverence and support of the citizenry go to ensure orderliness in any given state, a feature generally referred to as patriotism.

The refusal therefore by anybody called a citizen, to respect any of these institutions constitute a major affront to the state and such disrespect stems from a sense of not belonging or outright insolence.

In fact any behaviour which seems to suggest disrespect for any such institutions raises doubts about the citizenship of the offender.

We are constrained therefore to raise once more a very serious misdemeanour on the part of Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, which indeed stems from his general disrespect for Ghana and the institutions which govern this sovereign nation.

For how can one explain the behaviour of a man who ignores with impunity the invitation of the Inspector-General of Police who only wanted to extract his side of a story regarding an alleged assault. Reliable information has it that when the man was invited by the Police a few days ago in connection with an alleged assault of an NDC man at Ashaiman, he refused to go.

This is a man who is supposed to have passed out of a military institution where the culture of respect for the state was imparted to him. No wonder he had a number of court-martial dates to honour until a mutiny saw him out of the guardroom.

Not even did he think it fit to ask someone to represent him. What's more, he lied to the officers who delivered the invitation that he and his co-suspects were going to honour the summons.

The ADM has often raised the issue of Rawlings' proclivity to lawlessness, a feature which puts all Ghanaians on the spot for tolerating him for two decades.

Rawlings' disdain for state institutions like the Ghana Police Service is a clear indicator that this man is ready to turn things upside down if he gets the opportunity.

Even in recent times he is on record as having served notice of a so-called means of effecting a change to the constitutional status quo. Should we continue to tolerate the arrant arrogance of this character? We think not!

It is surprising though, that intellectuals are in the forefront trying to justify the ranting and the disrespect this man is showing to the sovereignty of this country.

This also proves even Prof John Atta Mills cannot function with this man on the prowl. This man's fundamental problem stems from the fact that he is no longer in charge.

He cannot handle someone else being in charge and so goes around creating all sorts of problems to get attention. He had to rebel as a junior officer and this is his way around it this time.

Why can't he be like other past presidents like Mandela and Clinton just to mention a few? And he has the audacity to call the president a "disgrace to the nation" who is disgracing himself now?

Kufuor has not even uttered a word like the gentleman that he is. He is the one writing his history boldly on the wall. What message has he succeeded in giving Ghanaians so far? That he is above the law; ready to call on his horde of thugs to unleash tension in the country at the least opportunity?

Mr. Jerry John has insulted Ghana and all that she stands for as a country.

This is a very serious indictable offence which has the potential of eroding the effectiveness of the Police as a law enforcement institution. It is also proof that Rawlings is an aberration who should not be tolerated at all.

It is surprising however that this unacceptable misbehaviour of his would be polished with dirt by so-called social commentators who think he is infallible.

Rawlings does not respect this country and it is time that we call him to order.

Many Ghanaians have suffered from his outbursts of rage but have kept it to themselves. Now that he has taken to the streets, it would not be long before we see him stripping naked.

The ADM has gathered that Police authorities are thinking of what to do next in the face of this arrant disrespect from a so-called former head of state.

The absence of an appropriate response to this misbehaviour is a bad precedence which should not be allowed. Should the country treat him as a lunatic and so ignore him or invoke the appropriate section of the law on how to deal with such characters?
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