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2004-04-01 09:41:09

Former President Jerry John Rawlings says he would not meet with the Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service after a complaint of assault was lodged against him.

The ex-President explained to JoyFM via a text message that he won?t present himself for questioning to the police because the security apparatus have already declared him guilty.

In response to several phone calls and text messages queries from the station, Rawlings said in a text message that: ''as an already condemned villian, I am waiting for their worst without a word. If the state apparatus could investigate and prosecute its NPP members, I would have accepted, recognised and respected their authority.''

The CID requested a meeting with the ex-President on Monday after a 28-year old self described NDC sympathiser Adamu Seini Mansu accused the ex-President and his body guards of assaulting and manhandling him at Ashiaman last Thursday.

Though the Police had sent the invitation to Rawlings well in advance on Monday, he refused to turn up at the Police headquarters in Accra at the appointed time for the meeting.

Mansu says he was heckled by the former President who accused him of making a rude gesture while Rawlings went round monitoring the voters registration excercise. He said the ex-President pulled him by the collar on his shirt as he fell on his lap and tore his shirt bottoms. And to make matters worse, according to Mansu bodyguards of the former President pushed and shoved him around after the former president let him off.

The office of Rawlings have admitted an incident took place even though they insist the young man who describes himself as an NDC sympathiser had not been assaulted by the former President.

Victor Smith, Special Assistant to Rawlings said the ex-President only beckoned the young man who was making ''rude gestures'' and warned him to desist from it. Smith said the young man was only manhandled by one of the ex-President?s bodyguards who pushed and shoved him after Rawlings had issued the warning.
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