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Young Bajan Children Do VERY WELL in School

Young Bajan Lion
2004-04-01 05:00:22

What a great feeling it was, when yesterday evening I was greeted by an excited crowd of nieces and nephews bearing their primary school end-of-term report cards, and all eager for me to see how well they had done.

And they have ALL done well.

My oldest nephew... (the one who asked me to tell you people a couple years ago that Africans are foolish because they have no food... the same one who got that expensive new mountain bike for Christmas that his father imported from the USA which made many of you people so jealous...) has gotten all A's in his results and came 4th in a class of 23.

My oldest niece who is also in the same class came 3rd, receving the same straight A's, of course.

Another niece came 4th in her class.

And yet another niece came 2nd in her class.

These little Bajan children make me very, very, VERY proud of their educational achievements.

They are typical well-educated, well-fed, bright, intelligent Bajan children. They don't suffer from poor diet and low IQ which Ghana's Minister of Food and Agriculture, Courage Quashigah, referred to when he said that because of the poor quality of the food they eat, Ghanaian children fell short on issues of common sense.

And one of the things which plays a part in their upbringing is DISCIPLINE... as is the norm in Barbados, all my nieces and nephews get a good taste of the rod (belt/hand/slipper/whatever) from their parents when they misbehave. On a few occasions even I have punished them too.

As the saying goes... Spare the rod and spoil the child. None of that wishy-washy Julia Anderson crap... perhaps if her own parents cared more about her when she was younger, they would have applied the physical punishment necessary to curb what turned out to be a seriously mal-adjusted, hyper-jealous, lonely, arrogant and insecure failure of a woman... and a barren one too.

Anyway, moving away from old, unhappy, Ghanaian failures and getting back to young, happy, Bajan successes...

CONGRATULATIONS to my young Bajan nieces and nephews. Keep up the good grades in school, and the success of this great nation called Barbados will continue well into future generations. You have done well and I am exceedingly proud of you all.


Nuff Respect, Young Bajan.

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