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USA! USA!! USA!!! Ghana learn from US!

Sheik Abu
2014-07-01 10:47:34

Now that we have helped kick out the dysfunctional Ghana team and firmly deposited them where they belong, in the dustbin of history, we have our eyes set on loftier goals.

Today the might of the USA in soccer will be revealed from on high when we blast the hapless Belgian team into the stone age to join their Ghanaian counterparts who were smoking hashish before important matches and engaging in "adwaman bo" at a time they should have been conserving their energy for the match.

The evidence can be found here:

I will be hosting a viewing for the match this afternoon, bring your own booze. If you're too inebriated/despondent to go back to your abode after the slaughter, my magic carpet will be on hand to transport you home safely.



USA till I die!!!

Sheik loves the people of Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore (Charm City)


Sheik Abu

PS: Ghanaians can continue to go on demo against the useless NDC government, nothing will come out of it and that country will remain a shiiiiiitttttthole par excellence!
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