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Who Was More Justified To Bring Wife To Camp?

2014-07-01 09:14:09

The players or the parasites (aka GFA members)?

Listen to Yaw Boateng Gyan spew nonsense:


“However they took advantage of that and exhibited high level of indiscipline, by bringing their wives to camp. “Meanwhile we had stated categorically clear that no player was supposed to bring his wife or girlfriend to the Black Stars camp.

“It came to a point that their wives were struggling with us on the use of the official vehicle provided by FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee for our movement. “I never knew there could be such level of insubordination in the Black stars camp until this tournament.”


The players earned their stay in Brazil. Why should they leave their wives at home when Nyantakyi brought his wife and two kids? I believe other leeches also brought wives and/or children.

Didn't this idiot see the wives and children of the Spanish team join them on the pitch after they won the 2010 World Cup?



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