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Listen to Otu again

Sumanguru Kante
2014-07-01 07:41:57

Author: Otu ( Date: 07-01-2014 03:47

No, he's no drunk. He is haunted by his tribal demons. Here is a nation wrecker who wants to see the demise of Oman Ghana. Anything just to move the national capital to Kumasi. He thinks he is smart enough to couch his desire/design in intellect. He is fooling only himself. Such a tribal biggot.

His concern ?I want to move the capital to Kumasi. Forget about the truthfulness or falsity of that stupid assertion. Just try to understand the logic of the Medical Doctor: if you insist on keeping the capital in Accra, you are not tribalistic. But if you harbour any aim of getting it moved to Kumasi , then you are[tribalistic]. Apparently, only Asantes live in Kumasi !

Folks, let's stop the jokes and get to the root of our problems. Most educated Africans are not sane. Just reflect on thus educated person's perception of the capital city....He is wedded to the colonial approach to nation building wherein the bulk of the state's resources are used to beautify the capital city. Which of course leads to the creation of privileges for local indigenes. Reason why they call you a tribalist if you talk about alternative political models; of the type that would dismantle the system that moron is so much in love with.

But when did I say on these pages that the capital should be moved to Kumasi? By advocating for a federal Ghana? Eii eye asem ooo. And Naana thinks BAFO is the only buffoon here. But these people lie bad. They are not derailing this cause. We will dismantle the one-city state model.

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