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Cash ? NDC?s Election Headache

2004-03-01 09:36:02

Cash ? NDC?s Election Headache

It?s between 282 - 285 days to Election Day in December 2004 (depending on the choice of date by the Electoral Commission).

It is said that in politics, one week is a long time and the next 40 weeks should make or break for the two main parties who will actually matter in the 2004 elections ? the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the main opposition party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

On-going research and investigations have revealed that no matter the good planning and strategies the NDC will employ, it will have to surmount one of its main headaches in this election year ? cash or finance. Interviews with some leading members of the NDC has laid open, a serious financial squeeze that has engulfed the party that well meaning supporters would have to gather round to salvage the party.

Prospective parliamentary candidates and incumbent Members of Parliament of the NDC are seriously considering whether to arrange their finances to support their parliamentary campaigns. Interviews with both NPP and NDC MPs on the amount of money needed to fund the campaign for each parliamentary candidate would be an average cost of ?250 million.

In an interview with an incumbent NDC MP, he poured his heart out, ?we (the NDC) think in spite of the unfriendly nature of many of the private newspapers, the average Ghanaian voter cannot be fooled by the media.

However, the greatest problem the party is facing is finance. It will cost me around ?300 million to mount an effective campaign to retain my seat. Although the gap between me and the NPP candidate in 2000 was?, votes (the number has been deleted to hide his identity), the NPP has redoubled the allocation of HIPC sponsored projects; motorbikes: pieces of cloth and sewing machines to try and close the gap. The party will have to contribute a substantial amount for all our parliamentary candidates, otherwise many of us will not offer ourselves for the primaries.

I do not have all the ?300 million needed but even if I have, why should I spend all to get re-elected? What if our presidential candidate does not win the election? How can I somehow re-coup this huge amount by way of some contracts of appointment to some Boards if we do not win the Presidency? This is our main election headache ? CASH!?

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