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British Paid Off Nana Osei Bonsu.

Prof. Nana Kofi Osei Tutu
2004-03-01 03:29:27

In 1817, the Fantis witnessed their most devastating invasion led by Asante king Nana Osei Bonsu (the whale). This invasion reduced the Fantis to the greatest distress. Incalculable misery resulted from the devastation committed by the Ashantis. They swept the country before them, destroying the whole of the plantations; and famine and wretchedness attended all their movements. Many expected that the Asantes would force their way into Cape-Coast (Cabo Corso) town, and fled into the castle for protection. The British, having interfered to protect the natives, rendered themselves obnoxious to the invaders, who sat down before Cape-Coast Castle, and continued to blockade it with such determined perseverance, that the government found it necessary, in order to avert the imminent danger with which the place was threatened, to advance a large sum of money, which the king demanded from the Fantis. With this the invader was willing to content himself, and he again returned to his own capital.

A Ghanaian History Remembered.

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