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2004-03-01 03:08:19

US took Aristide away: report

March 1, 2004 "The Age" A man who said he was a caretaker at the home of Jean Bertrand Aristide told French radio that the ousted Haitian leader had been taken away by US soldiers.

"The American army came to take him away at two in the morning," the man told RTL radio. "The Americans forced him out with weapons."

"It was American soldiers. They came with a helicopter and they took the security guards."

"(Aristide) was not happy. He did not want to be taken away. He did not want to leave. He was not able to fight against the Americans," the man said.

The RTL journalist who carried out the interview described the man as a "frightened old man, crouched in a corner" who said he was the "caretaker of the residence".

Aristide fled Haiti in the face of an armed revolt and world pressure and the United States ordered Marines to the Caribbean state to help restore order
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