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The African Believes in Juju But Hates Science

Stryker Bodei
2014-03-25 11:30:30

What is Technical Remote Viewing (TRV)?

It’s a method viewing events (past, present and future). The remote viewer is assigned random numbers to begin ascertaining the events connected to them. Only the conductor knows about the subject connected with the random numbers.

For example, if the conductor wants to view the coup of 1966 in Ghana, he’ll assign random numbers, eg 09357888, 58761009 to the remote viewer, who has no idea of the subject associated with those random numbers. With those numbers, the remote viewer begins a mental relaxation and focus to recreate the subject associated with the numbers, as the event narrative flows through the senses.

This method was developed by the United States government during the cold war and its leading pioneers were Ingo Swann, McMoneagle, Ed Dames etc. Psi Tech is a company that specializes in remote viewing and has already shared the results of the fate of Malaysian Airline MH370 to the Malaysian government but those Islamic heathens won’t buy it.

The aircraft will NEVER be found! Any allusion to parts of the craft in the sea is nothing but cruel hoax. No bodies will ever be found. If you want to know what happened to the aircraft and its crew and passengers, read my post from yesterday.

Ghanaman and Cleo, venture out of your comfort zone abroad and learn something besides watching Ghanaian movies, eating fufu, attending funerals and christening services and giving offering to awam Ghanaian pastors.

To see remote viewing in action, visit this Youtube link:

Elsie, let me know what you think. Share your opinion with all the Afrocentrists who have claimed the pyramids as their handiwork. When an offender refused to write a statement for the police to commit self incrimination, Abaa-bi claimed the offender is illiterate and the poor Africans on these boards joined the chorus. Elsie, why aren't you education all these migrants to adapt to their new environment?

******* (A Slight Bow) Namaste. Edina Dalai Lama***********

~Se A Cabo~

~Y Asi También Será~

Fiifii Vandyck “The Afro Skeptic
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