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Wereko Brobby: Saying it as it is!

Sheik Abu
2014-03-25 07:22:05


We all know Tarzan did chop money from the misguided Ghana @ 50 celebrations. However aside that, I have always liked Tarzan for his no nonsense positions. Yes I know that he is full of hubris, but so what?

His articles in the daily newspapers have been spot on. As former CEO of VALCO, he knows a thing or two about the energy markets.

In this one, he makes total rubbish of this so called ECOWAS that we have and this West African Gas Pipeline.

ECOWAS is useless! What has ECOWAS achieved? What meaningful benefit? The so called economic benefits have not materialized.

Read on:


The Government of Nigeria and NGas have made it clear that it does not respect the sanctity of the Gas Supply Agreement that underpins the supply of natural gas to Ghana, Benin & Togo. So much for ECOWAS Economic cooperation and integration!

Add this to Nigeria’s continuing bar of our industrial products and we might as well bury ECOWAS and stop the waste of half-yearly summits that have failed to deliver a single tangible outcome of regional integration for almost 40 years of the Lagos Plan of Action.

Instead of begging Nigeria to get some “soppy” supply, let us absorb the reality and wake up from the West African Pipe dream and take bold and decisive steps that ensure a reliable and ample supply of our own gas resources to fuel our power plants


By the way, has the government paid back Wereko Brobby for the money he "loaned" us for the Ghana @ 50 celebration?


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