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Mahama and Afoko Are No Different from Addo

Yaw Konadu
2014-03-25 07:16:58

Personally, I believe that Afoko, given his versatility, would be a good party chairman but can he cut out the crap? How come that non-Akans can point to their heritage and leverage that for votes but when Akuffo Addo says "We Akans", people interpret that to be a "Putin/Milosovic" on a war path to burn Ghana?

I must admit that I have never heard any prominent Ewe wo/man using his/her heritage as a bait for votes. However, MOST of the Northern Politicians in all Parties are fond of playing the heritage/tribal/underdog card all the time. Why? Take a look at the prominent Northern politicians and you be the judge. Mahama also played his Northern Heritage to gain votes. I do not approve of what Nana Addo said but let us keep an open mind on this issue.

Citing the statistics is OK but using the stats as a stump to get you voted as Chairman is WRONG, MR AFOKO!!! All that a sensible Afoko should have said was that let us try and understand the needs of these communities so that we can tailor our message to win their votes.

Read on

"Addressing the delegates, Mr Afoko said the 2010 population census showed that 46 per cent of the population of the Brong Ahafo Region, 36 per cent of the Western Region and 26 per cent of the Ashanti Region were made up of northerner settlers.

He said if the party thought strategically and wanted to win power in 2016, then its main goal and choice of who should be national chairman should be obvious to all".


Caveat: It could also be that the reporter did not report correctly. If so, I stand corrected.Too much ethnic politics by the non-Akans is what is hurting Ghana. No one chose to be born who s/he is. How many of these so called Non-Akans are even Ghanaians? Thanks to stupid laxed immigration regime. You migrate to a country and take over the country? Some Kotokoli migrants from Togo are even telling Akuffo Addo that he can't even stand because he said "We Akans".

The nucleus of Ghana is still Akan so there is NOTHING wrong if an Akan stands on the ticket of ANY political party. It's up to voters to decide. What matters is that person's vision, character, economic management style and ability to get along with all people in the country. Let us move away from this nonsense or else the Akans must advise themselves. It's NO CRIME to be an Akan. The nucleus of the country is STILL AKAN.


YK (and I am an Akan)

[This is an authentic posting from Yaw Konadu (Registered User)]
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