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US Owes Natives Over $700 Trillion: Elder Maracle

2014-03-25 05:22:41

"And another thing they owe the native people in this country so much, if you want to put it in a monetary sense, it is way over $700 trillion, if you want to put it into money. Like I said, they continue 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to rape this land."

'Americans': two faces, two tongues – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle


Gargantuan Crimes....

Gargantuan Injustice..

This world is not fair. But you are not allowed to say it, as the Uncle Toms would brand you anti-whatever. This injustice was replicated everywhere they landed and even worse today with the establishment of the modern genocidal military industrial complex and the NATO killing machine. Committing genocide is an ANGLO SAXON SPORT!!!




'Americans' owe native Indian People over $700 trillion - Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

The genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America continues to this day and the Indian Nations continue to fight for their very existence. The US Government has never rescinded standing orders for the complete extermination of the Indian People nor has it ever allowed the true owners of the lands that the "Americans" are squatting on to achieve any sort of redress. In monetary terms the "Americans" owe the native people over $700 trillion yet they continue to rape the land that is not theirs to begin with.

Q&A with Elder Maracle:

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Robles: It's almost impossible to redress something this monumentally horrific, but there must be some redress...

Maracle: That’s what the Great Law… The Great Law teaches us the power is in the people, by the people coming together. When he first came and he formed the Five Nations, he told them, he says: "You are a union and the power is within the people". All of the people that stood up in Russia against Germany that was the power in the people.

Robles: What about what is going on in Ukraine now? I'm sure you are following the events. These are not the people that have taken power.

Maracle: I know they don't put the truth out here in all of these news networks. I don't even bother watching a lot of these news stations because it is just, it’s all propaganda, it is all controlled by the government, it is all controlled by the FCC. Any time that they want to get out and tell the truth there, they can just shut them down, you know. I give Kahentinetha Horn so much credit for the stuff she puts out on the Mohawk Nation News.

Robles: Yes, she is not afraid to tell the truth and you have an elegant solution for dealing with it. I've been asked myself, I've been writing about media manipulation and everything else and some people have asked me: "What can we do"? And your solution is the most elegant I've heard – just turn it off, just don't watch it anymore. And if they don't have an audience they are going to be powerless.

Maracle: The news is mind numbing and it's just programming peoples' minds. They keep hammering away at you, every day and day out, after a while you are going to believe all of their propaganda. They are no different than what Hitler did.

Robles: Except they pretend to be just, they pretend to be fair, they pretend to be balanced, they pretend to be what they are definitely not. They have women doing this, they have a black president doing this and people are fooled.

Maracle: Like I said they are delusional. Our old chiefs a long time ago, they told us: "You are dealing with people with two faces and two tongues".

Robles: What did they tell you, how to battle with them?

Maracle: We did battle. We battled hard, hundreds of years. The Mohawk people are still battling, a lot of the people down in Mexico, the native people down there are battling. It is ongoing. I told Kahentinetha: "We have the greatest weapon in the world and that they will never have, we have the truth. That is why she writes the things she does, she pumps out the truth.

Robles: I think we are seeing now especially in Ukraine that the truth is what they are afraid of.

Maracle: Oh, yes. That is the greatest weapon in the world, is the truth. Robles: And it is something that they cannot defeat. And when the truth begins to come out and people accept it and wake up. I think people are beginning to wake up from what I've seen.

Maracle: Like I told her might is not right because we've stood up against their mighty armies and their police forces with no fear. There’s one thing about my people – we have no fear when it comes to confrontations against them.

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