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2014-03-07 10:49:03

As SILlys® wallow in futility and useless topics, I is embarking on my steepest learning curve of all time. I encountered a technology last year that blew iMind, but it's new (first specification) and learning resources were scarce. Even the available resources were not highly ranked on search results pages.

My perusal of the few new resources has revealed just how much I need to learn. As Scholar & Lady®, it's beneath I to sit in class. I is self-taught. So while most in iProfession scatter from this technology like bonobo monkeys from wildfire, I will devote the remainder of 2014 to tame it like Einstein did Physics, and when I is done... watch out! Because the things I gon accomplish with it gon blow the Dark Continent off the face of Earth at last!

I am already wealthy and don't need to lift a finger henceforth, yet here I is, embarking on a steep learning curve that will yield $wonders as Negroes wallow in futility and supplicate God, Government and the international community for everything.

Don't bother to axe what it is. It already has I reviewing some very advanced math of yore. If it is steep for I, then its mere name will send you bonkers, so don't trouble your pea-brains, Negroes. Just watch as I evict your Dark Continent from Earth.

The Plight of Africa/ns is Permanent!®

[This is an authentic posting from ħ§rêÿ® (Registered User)]
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