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RE: Very Damaging To Ghanaian Football Prayers

Akwasi Amoo Atta
2014-03-01 16:05:13

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Subject: Treat Nana's Law Certs, Same As Foko Was Treated Author: mouth (registered user) Date: 02-28-2014 14:01

If the Npp wants their party's intenal conflicts to die down and to have a peaceful end, it must FIRST treat Nana Addo's Law Certificate problem which is more important than Afoko's alleged Drugs issues. I don't think Afoko was treated nicely at all by the party. Can the Npp ask Nana Addo right in his face, to produce copies of his Law Certificates? Do will the "Well-Done Roasted Npp Chickens" ask Nana Addo to produce such documents?

Author: Akwasi Amoo Atta ( Date: 02-28-2014 14:30

Why is the "certificate" so important ? Is it certificates that make good and responsible leaders ? I hold no brief for Akuffo Addo, let that be clear ffrom the start! Heis not my idea of a good leader for Ghana. But I think you and countless other compatriots are missing one essential point. Certificated and diplomas don't necessarily make good , responsible and serious leaders. Of course , if somebody has studied something that he can bring to positively bear upon the public office they are seeking to enter , fair enough, it is an extra bonus for the general public. But one doesn't have to be a university graduate to be a good , responsible and serious leader! In my view Rawlings was a much better and inspiring leader than others with a university degree both in and outside of Ghana.

There are uncountable examples in all countries of good leaders all over the world who didn't enjoy a formal university education. Paul Kagame is probably the most serious leader on the continent today, and I'm not aware he had any training at a university. So to hell with that ridiculous call of yours for the man to produce his "certificate" !
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RE: Very Damaging To Ghanaian Football Prayers
Akwasi Amoo Atta
03-01 16:05