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The DISHONESTY of the NDC from and Ewe Man!

Sheik Abu
2014-03-01 08:12:02

I just cant stand this party, this NDC party. They are a party of liars, thieves, incompetence, and every evil thing including murderers. Of course NPP is all of the above minus murderers (well it seems they are also bomb throwing murderers from antiquity).

Coming to this free SHS thing however, I am just pissed at how this party of NDCeivers is taking us for fools. Indeed now the little respect I had for Ghanaians, I have lost. During the election cycle, I though Akuffo Addo's free SHS proposal was the trump card. The master card that would tilt the election results in his favor. After all why not? High school fees have been a major complaint of many an average Ghanaian family. Unfortunately unthinking as the Ghanaian electorate were, they bough the NDC lies that it isn't/wasn't sustainable and NDC ended up winning?

Fast forward 18 months later, NDCeivers say free SHS is feasible and the same shiiittttheaded electorate seem to be buying what formerly to them was a cockamamie story. What has changed in 18 months which has made free SHS possible?

If I'm right, the Ghanaian economy as of today is worse than what it was eighteen months ago. Balance of payment deficits are at almost all time highs, your currency is firmly anchored in the toilet, and government spending is unprecedented.

How then is free SHS suddenly possible, HOW?

What a worthless people!

What a truly useless citizenry and electorate!!

An unthinking lot, forever to be used and abused by politicians.

Gbemelawo, yakamewo sooorn.



PS: I will be in London the Monday after next. I will be personally meeting select London SILly to render my apologies for my Gold Coast no show of January
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