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Mr Beans
2014-03-01 06:02:21

Doctors at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) have decided to attend to no more than three patients per day per doctor.

This follows the doctors’ decision to review their standard operating procedures to conform to internationally acceptable standards and also to avoid overworking which exposes them to commit mistakes and incur the displeasure of the public.

The measure is also to improve the quality of healthcare and ensure the safety and security of patients and staff at the facility.

The decision to review the operating procedure and to conform to the internationally accepted practices followed the Minister of Health’s directive to management to take certain actions against some staff at the facility for their role in the alleged missing body of a stillborn baby.

The Minister’s directive follows the report of a preliminary investigation into the missing baby saga by a ministerial committee.


This is their response to the directives issued by the health ministry in relation to the missing baby in their care. These fat cats have been pampered for far too long they have now assumed God's status

I say lets cut them to size.

To hide behind workload in defence of their shameful act is a big disgrace and should not be tolerated

by the people who made their education possible

The case under discussion at the moment has nothing to do with the death of the baby, it has all to do with the whereabout of the body of the baby they said died at birth.

Why are they mixing apples and oranges?

Even they would accept that the parents of the dead baby are entitled to the body if indeed the child died

Would these Idiots be happy if the victim were a member of their families?

And when did these azzholes know that they were overworked and as result many innocent people were being maimed and killed?

In any civilised society this privileged group of fat cats would be on their knees pleading for mercy

Rather they are biting the fingers that fed them

Truly Ingrates!

I am disgusted and so should you

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