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May I Axe This Question?

2014-03-01 02:31:56

Let's say a watchman at the Ministries in Accra is earning minimum wage at GHc6 per day. He lives at Madina and takes trotro to work daily. This watchman pays for electricity and water and also has a kid in school.

Let's assume no deductions (tax + social security) are made from the gross income of workers on minimum wage. Let's also assume this worker's salary is based on all the days in the month including weekends eventhough he works only on weekdays. This thus give him a take-home pay of about GHc180 per month.

So, the question I axe this Saturday morning is, and I coat:

"Would a worker on minimum wage in Ghana be able to put four balls of kenkey with kpakpo shitor on the dining table each night after paying for trotro, electricity and water bills and school fees?"

Tank yuu!


[This is an authentic posting from ZongoMan (Registered User)]
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