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Managing GH Blog of Friday, 3 February 2023

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The moment the Virgin Mary appears in a church (Video)

The moment the Virgin Mary appeared in a Kenyan church.

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Online debate has been sparked by reports that members of St Clare's parish in Kasarani have seen Mary, the biological mother of Jesus, while attending church.

The Virgin Mary is said to have paid a visit to the Kasarani parish. In the Catholic Church, this is known as an apparition.

Any extraterrestrial appearance of Mary to a person (or group of people) on earth is known as a Marian apparition.

There are reportedly tens of thousands of Marian apparitions since the early decades of the Church.

Some apparitions are described only as an image, often without any vocal exchange or conversation.

One such scene was filmed in Kasarani and a video of it has since gone viral.

The community believes that the bright light at the top and bottom of the video is the object they saw.

Social media users are currently divided over whether or not the image of the Virgin Mary is authentic.

In the popular video, Kasarani parishioners can be heard celebrating and praying, while others look stunned.